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HYDROVISION International 2022
July 12-14

Denver, Colorado, United States

HYDROVISION International 2023
July 11-13, 2023

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

HYDROVISION International 2024
July 16-18, 2024
Denver, Colorado, United States

Please come and visit us  during HydroVision 2021 in Spokane, Washington. 


Ossberger supplies water-to-wire equipment packages for hydro projects for the complete head range. With a broad experience dating back 100 year, Ossberger has installed more than 10,000 turbines in North America and across the world. All of our projects are subject to and benefit from our high quality standards that aim for an optimal efficiency and for equipment durability

We have recently installed a 1000 kW system in Ontario, Canada, Please visit our Project page to see the picture and details or read the article directly from hydroreview.com here.