Ossberger Cross Flow Turbines

Original OSSBERGER™ cross-flow turbines are built from standardized individual components which can be configured to a tailor-made plant according to site requirements. This modular system facilitates low-cost manufacture whilst designing the functions to suit the specific project.

Original OSSBERGER™ cross-flow turbines are ideal within a power range between some few kilowatts and a present maximum of 3.3 megawatts per machine. They are tolerant of debris in the water and adapt perfectly to varying flows; that is why they are extremely well suited for use in run-of-river locations. Smooth, quiet operation can be expected from almost zero up to full load. They have proven themselves to be reliable in the field thousands of times, even under the most severe conditions


When Civil Engineer Fritz Ossberger set out in the early 1920s to find a reliable and economical power source for industry, workshops and mills, his goal was to remove a major stumbling block to the rapid advancement of industrialization.

With considerable foresight, he made contact with the Australian Genius, A.G.M. Michell, about whose work Ossberger had learned. The two men quickly established a strong working relationship and together developed a water power turbine suitable for use by medium-sized manufacturing firms. The new "Free Stream Turbine" design was granted German Imperial Patent No. 361 593, and the OSSBERGER Turbine was born.

From its initial development in the 1920s to the present day, the OSSBERGER Turbine has been dramatically improved. Special techniques for draft tube utilization, construction and application of bearings and the shape of the subdivided guide vane are all inventions which display the continued technological leadership of the OSSBERGER Turbine. In the 1990s the OSSBERGER Turbine has continued to be improved and is the subject of yet another set of patents. Today the OSSBERGER Turbine is built and utilized worldwide and is available for a variety of applications.



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