Description - Functioning

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Turbine Shaft

The turbine comes with a hollow shaft with an internally sealed adjusting rod for the runner blade setting. The shaft bearings require little maintenance and are grease lubricated with a programmed automatic lubrication system. The shaft seals are designed as a multi-chamber lip seal connected to the automatic lubrication system. The seal does not require readjustment during operation. The shaft protection sleeve is exchangeable and the seal faces are hard-chrome plated or coated with corrosion-porof hard ceramic materials to resist wear.

Based on the Francis Turbine the Kaplan Turbine was developed by the Austrian engineer Victor Kaplan towards the beginning of the 20th century. Due to its adjustable runner blades this turbine system is most adaptive. Apart from the original version with vertical shaft and inlet spiral the bulb turbine variant has spread widely over the world.

Wicket Gate

The wicket gate design depends on the turbine construction type. A detailed description will in your cost proposal. All turbine types offered include maintenance-free bushes for the wicket gate axles


 The blades are uniformly set by the adjusting rod and the lever mechanism located inside the hub. The vane plates are double-sealed to protect against water leakage. The number of runner blades and the material compositioin of hub and vane head depend on individual requirements and utilization of the specific hydro plant.

The command of the runner adjustment is made by a rotation double acting hydraulic cylinder. The oil is supplied to the hydraulic cylinder by a special rotary feed. The runner coating is semi-spherical in stell case construction


The Kaplan Turbine is of the reaction type: The swirled water flows in parallel with the shaft to the fully admitted runner, where the pressure for energy conversion is realized. Special construction and design are used to prevent cavitation. The water flow is regulated by adjustable wicket gates and runner blades

Kaplan Turbines